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Vrijeme prolazi, a on odlazi :'(
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cke profesorske totalno poludele sve bi malo pismene kontrolne i ocene :DD
jesteśmy boscy i piękni
Mniam. ; D
Smak svet? Na reklami pisuva Vecna makedonia :D
pierdole to
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szukam kluce !
...Ruke mi kažu: Ostavi ga.
...Suze mi kažu: Zaboravi ga.
...Duša mi kaže: Preboli ga.
...A srce mi kaže: VOLI GA! ♥ ♥ ♥
More and more people will need help in years to come. Just wait and see.In the fifeits and sixties, people led simpler lives and the needs of the poor were basically food. Now they have to worry about high service and conservancy charges, high utility bills, high transport costs, high children's schooling expenses, high GST, and HDB instalments if you bought a flat. These are fixed and they have to find the money to pay them every month, besides the basic necessities. So, in the fifeits and sixties it was easier for the poor to get by with lower cost of living, but now it is really difficult and they can forget about savings for old age. If they cannot survive today, why worry about old age. That's going to be a big big problem going forward. That is why the Government needs to tell you not to retire and to prepare you mentally to work until your last breath.
Grazi for maikng it nice and EZ.
You get a lot of rsepcet from me for writing these helpful articles.
As Charlie Sheen says, this arilcte is "WINNING!"
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Taking the oveerviw, this post is first class
Good to find an expert who knows what he's talnkig about!
Tak tak, status
Okay I'm cvoninecd. Let's put it to action.

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