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More and more people will need help in years to come. Just wait and see.In the ftifies and sixties, people led simpler lives and the needs of the poor were basically food. Now they have to worry about high service and conservancy charges, high utility bills, high transport costs, high children's schooling expenses, high GST, and HDB instalments if you bought a flat. These are fixed and they have to find the money to pay them every month, besides the basic necessities. So, in the ftifies and sixties it was easier for the poor to get by with lower cost of living, but now it is really difficult and they can forget about savings for old age. If they cannot survive today, why worry about old age. That's going to be a big big problem going forward. That is why the Government needs to tell you not to retire and to prepare you mentally to work until your last breath.
It's a pleasure to find someone who can think so celraly
We should build more dark coernrs for our broken Singaporeans to hide in. This way we only see nice and soothing sights. I hope the papers dont give this issue too much publicity, its a major eyesore!Best of all, eventually all this will fade away (weak and frail will fade with time!) and Singapore will be the island for the rich ! I'm loving it already!Just imagine Singapore , our home!Our dream and our paradise!Best regardsWool over my eyes :)
heybut come on we only protest lrteially...but our action???our voice???All we can do is to complain in silence......u noe wat we r the safest country in the world with low crime rates....high living standards, pampered or rather "tamed" citizens.Well, a mass protest in singapore would mean an alien visiting here wearing a g-string......So a blog is nothin....saying is nothin...feeling is nothing....BUT ACTION SPEAKS THE LOUDEST WORD
sead 3434@hotmajl.com
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Dag nabbit good stuff you whipeprsnpaeprs!
Smart thkining - a clever way of looking at it.
So, a person with dinigty wouldnt go through these hoops to get the aide, then why not advertise that there is aide available? I mean, does the singaporean gov't assume that all of Singapore has no dinigty so therefore if they actual advertise "gov't money aide if you apply and need it" then everyone will apply for it since Singaporeans have no dinigty and are lazy? wow, that is a pretty low opinion of the population the PAP has for it's citizens. Worst part is that 66.6% keep voting them in.Also makes good business sense since if you arent going to sell a product, why advertise? People obviously dont want the gov't money aide, so therefore the gov't actually making it known that it exists is a waste of money that could be put towards greater things, like PAP ministerial salaries and all.
You really make me want to put up a crazy stuats on Facebook now, just to see if you would react.I have to agree with your comments though... my biggest pet peeve are those crazy people that post pictures of their fetus. That's just weird!
ey294N fpobufunlrua
Thank you all Singapore!!!If it wasn't for the 66.6% of us voting in the PAP this time round, we woldun't have the chance to go through such fantastic character building exercises such as "GST hikes to help the needy", "increased ministers' pay", "further 'subsidised' HDB" and "special 'dignified' treatment for those the 2% hike was suppose to help"HOORAY FOR SINGAPORE!!!! HOORAY FOR THE 66.6% of US WHO MADE THIS WONDERFUL CHOICE!!!! WE ARE SO CLEVER AND WISE!!!!!
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